Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Post #14 Final Reflection

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Collaboration Summary:

I was very happy with the way my group worked together to complete our assignments. It was a challenge to try and coordinate times and figure out which program we were going to use. In the end, it felt as if we were together in the same room and were sitting right in front of each other. It was fun to be in our own environments because we had access to everything we needed. We didn't waste time having to get up to travel anywhere to meet, which was NICE! I would say that all-in-all, collaborating via Google+ was a great success. The only problem I would say we experienced would be the quality of the videos. Several times I was afraid we would have to start again because of faulty internet connections or slow WiFi. Other than those minor concerns, everything worked wonderfully.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Report: PLN

My PLN has stretched so far. I add everything I can find useful to my Symbaloo page. I admit, it's been hard trying to keep everything organized but, I think I have it all down. I will hold on to my PLN and share my resources with anyone who needs them. This was probably the most precious thing I gained from this class because I am no longer holding on to a thousand different pieces of paper with websites written on them!

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